Guinness Overdose

4:00 PM -- In case you missed it (as I did), Reuters tells us that yesterday was "Guinness World Records Day":
    "Hundreds of records could be beaten today," said "Guinness World Records" editor Craig Glenday...
Glenday's personal favorite (and mine) took place in Toronto, where our neighbors to the north proved once again that they're on the cutting edge of culture by staging the world's largest (thus far) reenactment of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

    "...It's been done by professional dancers and we have 150 people dressed as zombies. Someone has transcribed the moves from the video.

    "I love the idea of a stranger walking into town and seeing all these shuffling zombies."
Sounds like just another day in Toronto to me.

But never fear. The US of A is not lagging in the idiot-validation sweepstakes:

    American Jackie Bibby is trying to hold nine live rattlesnakes in his mouth at the same time.

    "That is probably the most dangerous stunt of the day. He almost lost his thumb doing it last time," Glenday said.
Note to self: Do not suck thumb with rattlesnakes in mouth.

And this last heroic effort, from the Antipodes:

    New Zealander Alastair Galpin sought eternal eccentric fame for wearing the most socks on one foot. Not satisfied with that feat, he is bidding to eat the most garlic consumed in one minute, Glenday said.
Carry on, Alastair: There's always another foul-smelling mountain to climb.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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