Gray Lady Going Dotty

9:35 AM -- The New York Times' headline writers seem to have found a new, ironic voice. In Loss for G.O.P., House Rejects Spending Plan opens as follows:

    House Republican leaders were dealt a rare defeat Thursday as Democrats and 22 Republicans teamed up to kill a major health and education spending measure.
So far, so good. But wait. There's more...

    Hours after the loss on the spending front, the leadership early this morning forced through a separate measure making nearly $50 billion in budget cuts over five years after massaging the plan to reduce opposition from Republican moderates.
Not such a crippling blow for the G.O.P. then. But what's in the spending bill? Unfit to print, apparently. We'll have to go to Reuters for the bare bones:

    The House of Representatives on Friday narrowly voted to trim social programs for the poor along with farm subsidies, student loans and other federal benefits as part of a $49.9-billion package of spending cuts... [including] $12 billion cuts to Medicaid funding over five years and... more than $14 billion in student loan reductions...
In separate news, the Senate approved more tax cuts.

— Larry, Trickle-Down Monkey, Light Reading

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