Gospel According to Barnum

1:00 PM -- The BBC reinforces the notion that God can be found anywhere. You just need to be open-minded and capable of performing a tight-rope walk:

    Honey Hunt, three, and her sister Poppy, 10 months old, were baptised inside Zippo's Circus ring on Hove Lawns on the Sussex seafront.

Shock and awe! Who would have expected "Honey," "Poppy," and "Zippo" to be involved in such an unusual event?

    The service was performed by the Rev Roly Bain, from Bristol, who is a clown - and a Church of England priest.

Synonyms, in my opinion.

    "All my clowning has some sort of Christian content - and this sort of thing is brilliant," he said.

    He added that the big top was just as appropriate a place for a baptism as a church building.

Right on. Nobody ever said holy water couldn't be squirted from a flower on one's lapel.

— Red Panda, Juggles for Jesus, Light Reading

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