Giving Mickey the Finger

10:30 AM -- Newsday reports on another advance in the protection of our national treasures:
    After the ticket line and a bag-search checkpoint, visitors to Walt Disney World now have to make one more stop before entering one of its theme parks: at a finger scanner.

    Disney guests must now put their index and middle fingers into a device at the turnstile that assigns a code to link the image of their fingers with their name and ticket...

    "Slowly but surely we're just giving away our right of privacy, and the question is what are we getting in return?" said Larry Spalding, spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union...
What are we getting in return?! Maybe Cinderella's Castle for starters? As the Walt Disney World® Website modestly says, it "could be the single best-loved structure in the world." Like, duh.

— Larry, The Single Best-Loved Monkey in the World, Light Reading

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