Fish Is Brain Food

3:40 PM -- Fish in a barrel from The Independent:

    Animal cruelty campaigners, who shot to fame with anti-fur adverts featuring naked supermodels, are planning to take on their most ambitious target yet: Britain's 2.6 million anglers.

    Fish, insists Peta - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - are "complex and intelligent individuals", cleverer than monkeys, who feel pain "like every other animal"...
"Cleverer than monkeys"? Hmpf. Thirty fish sitting at typewriters will never write Hamlet.
    Carré Otis, an actress and model who poses as a mermaid in the posters, adds: "I was in a sushi bar and it dawned on me - how could I discriminate between a cow and a fish?"
And no, she's not a blonde.

The poster of this complex and intelligent individual is lovely, by the way. Museum worthy.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

CoolLightGeek 12/5/2012 | 3:36:34 AM
re: Fish Is Brain Food Share this with your vegan friends...

Root apices as plant command centres: the unique
GÇ˙brain-likeGÇÖ status of the root apex transition zone

Although plants are generally immobile and lack the most obvious brain activities
of animals and humans, they are not only able to show all the attributes
of intelligent behaviour but they are also equipped with neuronal molecules,
especially synaptotagmins and glutamate/glycine-gated glutamate receptors.
Recent advances in plant cell biology allowed identification of plant synapses
transporting the plant-specific neurotransmitter-like molecule, auxin. This
suggests that synaptic communication is not limited to animals and humans
but seems to be widespread throughout plant tissues. Root apices seated at
the anterior pole of the plant body show many features which allow us to
propose that they, especially their transition zones, act in some way as brainlike
command centres. The opposite posterior pole harbours sexual organs
and is specialized for plant reproduction. Last but not least, we propose that
vascular tissues represent highways for plant nervous activity allowing rapid
exchange of information between the growing points of above-ground organs
and the brain-like zones in the root apices.

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