Fill Out Entry Form, Measure Boss's Pants

2:30 PM -- Reminder: The deadline for entries for Light Reading's Leading Lights Awards program is November 1.

The program will recognize top public and private companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in the telecommunications industry.

The awards will be given out in several categories, including Industry Statesman (for both public and private companies), Best Investment Potential (for a public company), Best Break Room Snack Machine, Best New Product (one each for a public and private company), Best New Service (both public and private), Best Marketing (both public and private), Biggest Collection of Stupid Motivational Sayings (all executives), Best M&A Strategy (public company), Largest Pair of Pants (all company executives), and Top IPO or M&A Candidate (private company).

The full details of the awards are available on the Leading Lights Awards page at www.lightreading.com/awards. And, yes, I made up one or two of those categories, so check the Web page before entering.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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