Fiber Feeding

3:38 PM -- Optical Expo -- "Every good technology takes three good misfires before it actually takes hold," according to Stefan Knight, the VP of business development for Ericsson's GPON product line.

That could be true for VOIP. But has it happened yet with IPTV? Maybe it's happening now.

Anyway, Stefan, formerly of Entrisphere, is making a case for more fiber to more homes. He's winding up his talk now, but one of his first slides said that, with HDTV, a competitive broadband offering requires 50 Mbit/s today.

And don't expect that better video encoding will save you from needing a bigger bandwidth connection. The good Knight says any bandwidth savings from MPEG-4 will very quickly be be negated by demand for multiple HD-DVRs per home.

That's not quite what a lot of carriers on this continent are advocating.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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