Fiber-Fed Folks

11:35 AM -- Telco FTTH is a slow, creeping cable competitor.

From The Philter's government reports bag, two quick bits of data from the FCC's latest broadband access report:

Lines connecting homes and businesses to the Internet at transmission speeds that exceed 200 kbps in both directions increased from 28.9 million lines to 37.7 million lines during the first half of 2005. For the full twelve month period ending June 30, 2005, they increased by 14.2 million, from 23.5 million lines to 37.7 million lines.

Of the 37.7 million lines that were faster than 200 kbps in both directions, 34.3 million lines were designed to serve primarily residential end users. Cable modem represented 64.9% while 33.9% were ADSL, 0.5% were SDSL or traditional wireline, 0.2% were fiber to the end user premises, and 0.5% used other technologies.

Assuming the FCC's data is correct, as of June 2005, there were only about 68,600 fiber-fed residential broadband connections. Contrast that with some 22,260,700 high-speed cable connections, and it's clear the cable guys probably didn't lose much sleep worrying about telco fiber-to-the-premises builds last year.

Should they be any more worried in '06?

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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