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FCC to Auction TV Spectrum

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Communications Commission today took important steps to meet the nation’s demand for innovative wireless broadband services and preserve the benefits that free over-the- air TV provides for consumers.

In adopting proposals to make more efficient use of the nation’s airwaves, the FCC set the stage for voluntary broadcast spectrum auctions that could provide consumers with the robust mobile broadband services they demand while preserving over-the-air TV that many rely upon. The resulting efficient use of airwaves will help ensure that America leads the global wireless revolution and enjoys the resulting jobs and economic growth.

Specifically, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking adopted by the FCC today proposes that wireless broadband providers have equal access to television broadcast frequencies that could become available in spectrum auctions. The Notice seeks comment on establishing new allocations for both fixed and mobile wireless services in the TV broadcast bands.

The Notice also explores enabling TV stations to voluntarily combine their operations and distinct programming lineups on a single TV channel. The Notice requests comment on the proposed rules that would enable TV broadcasters to opt to share channels by further tapping the technical capabilities that became available following the nation’s historic transition to digital television in 2009.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

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