Everyone's a Critic

6:00 AM -- A 76-year-old man has been arrested for chipping off a piece of Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" — a plain white porcelain urinal valued at $3.6 million.

Apparently this old fogey has a bit of an idée fixe on this toilette, 'cause this isn't even the first time he's been arrested for "defacing" it:

The suspect, a Provence resident whose identity was not released, already vandalized the work in 1993 — urinating into the piece when it was on display in Nimes, in southern France, police said.

During questioning, the man claimed his hammer attack on Wednesday was a work of performance art that might have pleased Dada artists. The early 20th-century avant-garde movement was the focus of the exhibit that ends Monday, police said.

So, you make the call! Performance art or vandalism? Free speech or felony?

Red Panda's $0.02: Peeing in a $3.6 million urinal is definitely art. But chipping at it with a hammer is just gauche.


— Red Panda, Arrière-Gardist, Light Reading

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