Digeo Tweaks Buying Options

2:35 PM -- Do you think $799 is a bit much to pay all at once for a hi-def DVR, even one that's chock full of bells and whistles? If so, this may be your lucky day, my friend!

The Digeo Inc. folks are circulating word that they're extending some "flexible payment options" for the retail-focused, CableCARD-capable Moxi HD DVR, which just got outfitted with some new software updates that, for example, enable users to view pipe-in video from Hulu LLC and other WebTV sources. (See Digeo Goes Over the Top .)

You can, of course, still purchase the box via a one-time $799 payment, but Digeo, which is evidently trying to get some more product moving out the door and attempting to soften the sticker shock, is also offering consumers the option to buy it for four monthly payments of $199.75, or 20 monthly payments of $39.95. Digeo still isn't weighing its box down with a monthly subscription fee, something it goes to great lengths to point out in a pricing comparison with TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq: TIVO)'s top-end HD XL offering. All that's missing here is the OxiClean guy.

Digeo said it made the decision after recognizing that people may want to pay over time, "especially in the present [read: ugly] economic times."

If you're considering it, just know that "legal restrictions" prevent Digeo from making the payment options available in Washington, D.C., and in these 13 states: Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Maine, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Utah.

We're told , however, that Digeo's trying to get approval in all U.S. states. So God bless time-shifted America!

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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