DiCon Unveils MEMS Suite

BERKELEY, Calif. -- DiCon Fiberoptics, a leading manufacturer of fiberoptic components, modules, and test instruments, introduces a family of 3 new components based on MEMS device technology targeted at switching and attenuation applications. These components feature significantly smaller size, faster response time, lower power consumption and lower cost than other commercially available technologies. All 3 products utilize the same compact cylindrical package measuring 25 mm long by 5.5 mm in diameter. DiCon's MEMS products operate at 5 VDC and require just 1 microWatt of electrical power. Response times are 2 ms max.

The first product in this family is a MEMS Attenuator that can be used to dynamically set the attenuation level between 0 and 30 dB. It features low typical insertion loss of just 0.5 dB and can be operated in C or L bands. MEMS Attenuators are ideal for use in Gain Tilt Control of Amplifiers as well as Dynamic Power Equalization in Add/Drop Multiplexers, Cross-Connects and Transponders. The MEMS Attenuator is also the smallest channel or band attenuator in the market. Samples are now available for customer evaluation.

The second new product in this family is a MEMS On-Off Switch that can be used to shutter laser output during power up. It has an extinction ratio of greater than 50dB in the optically off position. Samples are now available for customer evaluation.

The third new product in this family is a MEMS 1x2 Switch that can be used to switch between two fiber paths. Its small size (25L x 5.5D mm), low power consumption, and high speed make it ideal for Protection Switching, Equipment Sparing and Re-configurable Add/Drop Multiplexing applications. Samples will be available in the second calendar quarter for customer evaluation.

Dicon Fiberoptics Inc.
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