Cops Arrest Vendor Spies

This is so exciting! Swedish police have arrested three people who are employed by or have been employed by LM Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERICD) under suspicion of espionage or corporate espionage.

I can sense a movie script coming on. Is Ingmar Bergman still in the directing game?

Unstrung tried to get through to Ericsson about this, but the line for information on this matter was continually engaged. There might just be some local interest in Sweden, we reckon.

The "Ericsson Three," as we shall refer to them collectively, are suspected of handing over "top secret information to a foreign power," though Ericsson has made it clear it is not going to divulge what kind of information that was. Next year's 3G infrastructure revenue projections, perhaps, have found their way into Finnish hands. We can only speculate. And we will speculate.

Ericsson senior VP of communications Henry Sténson is quoted in an official release as saying, after he took off his hat: "Our opinion today is that the damages are limited. Thanks to the timely handling, the deliveries were stopped. Besides, the three individuals did not hold any key positions." But it's amazing what the office cleaning staff can find in desks and waste paper baskets.

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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