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Conexant Intros Next-Gen Decoder

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT), a worldwide leader in semiconductor solutions for broadband communications and the digital home, today introduced a next-generation audio/video (A/V) decoder for PC TV applications and consumer electronics products including digital televisions, set-top boxes, digital video disc recorders, and Windows Media Center Edition personal computers. The CX25845 features an integrated A/V decoder with a 3D comb filter to improve picture quality for broadcast video programming based on NTSC and PAL industry standards. It integrates the functionality of three devices - a multi-format video decoder, a 3D comb filter, and a worldwide broadcast audio decoder - into a single, cost-effective package. The high level of integration, in combination with the decoder's integrated memory, reduces the number of external components required, overall board size, and bill-of-material costs.

"Our new decoder raises the bar in terms of broadcast audio and video performance, and significantly improves the picture quality on consumer products such as digital televisions and personal computers," said Lewis Brewster, senior vice president and general manager of Conexant's Broadband Media Processing business. "In addition, integrating the functions of three separate chips into a single package enables our customers to streamline their design process and lower overall system costs."

A/V decoders convert analog signals to a digital format and provide the means for displaying analog audio and video content on flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, personal video recorders, multimedia PCs, and other consumer devices. A 3D comb filter separates the black and white picture information from the color information contained in a composite video signal. It uses multiple frames of video, which are stored on the integrated memory, to determine what areas of the image should be processed as black and white (luma) versus color (chroma) information. This results in sharper and cleaner video, enabling consumers to view higher quality video.

Additional features include integrated synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) that enables pin-for-pin compatibility with the company's previous generation CX25480/1/2/3 product family. This provides manufacturers with a flexible, single-chip solution that can be used in multiple product lines, and allows them to easily migrate to the new device.

Conexant is a leader in video innovation, and has shipped more than 60 million broadcast encoders and decoders to date. Key accomplishments include creating the PCI video decoder category, introducing the industry's first single-chip MPEG audio/video encoder, and launching the world's first single-chip video encoder and digital video interface (DVI) transmitter and most recently, developing the world's first integrated PCI-e AV decoder.

Conexant Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CNXT)

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