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Innovation: Are You in the Zone?

The seven members of the Big Telecom Event's Innovation Zone tell us why their product or service is unique, notable, and worthy of being in the zone.

MikeP688 6/30/2014 | 11:23:33 PM
Re: Innovation award goes to...? As I was reflecting upon this (and will be taking the HTML code to use for one of the classes I"m teaching), the one from Konton was interesting in its' cross-platform approach which caught my eye.   The key was the "wow effect".   But, of course, one has to see whether they make sense for the broad mission and applicability ever more.


briandnewby 6/30/2014 | 2:00:27 PM
Re: Innovation award goes to...? They all seemed snappy, but the innovation seemed fairly unclear.  They were all well-presented and seemed real.  I think the network monitoring company, while in itself didn't sound innovative, at least had a "what that means" feel, and I liked that.

Did any stand out as solving a problem in a new way?
sarahthomas1011 6/30/2014 | 12:10:00 PM
Innovation award goes to...? So what do we think, are these companies Innovation Zone worthy? Their ability to stick to 30 second windows aside, what stood out to you?
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