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4:00 PM -- News-Medical.Net reports on the results of a fascinating, very important medical study. In related news, Red Panda is willing to accept donations from doctors who clearly have nothing better to do with their research funds:

    A new study by doctors in Ireland has found that men are 12 times more likely than women to be bitten by another person and need surgery.

"That's because boys are sweeter than girls," said somebody's grandmother, probably.

    Dr. Eadie and her team say late-night "alcohol-fueled aggression" is the most common cause of such injuries.

Some drunks like pizza, some like human flesh. To each his own!

    Bites to the face were most common and accounted for 70 percent of the injuries, with the ear being the site most commonly affected...

You know what they say... Don't knock it 'til...

    The study is published in the journal Emergency Medicine, July 1, 2007.

Ooh, this study takes place in the fuutuurre. Great Scott, these doctor-guys must've stolen the DeLorean!

— Red Panda, Bite Me, Light Reading

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