Celebrity Island

2:25 PM -- More weirdness from the Motherland, courtesy of the Guardian Unlimited:

    Who said Big Brother wasn't highbrow? Not Honey Langcaster-James, a psychologist at the University of Hull, who has worked on the sets of some of Britain's most popular TV shows.
Honey Langcaster-James. The name just oozes highbrow, don't it?

    Commenting on Celebrity Big Brother, which begins tomorrow, Ms Langcaster-James, said there was a need for more thorough academic research into the cult of fame and celebrity.
And who, do you think, might be happily qualified to undertake this vital task?

    The psychologist has plenty of experience with reality television. She was in Fiji last year where she spent two months with the cast and crew of Love Island, providing support to the island's celebrity inhabitants.

    Her time on Love Island followed appearances as Big Brother's resident psychologist in Series 5 and 6, and on other reality shows including I'm Famous and Frightened, and Celebrity Surgery.
OK. I'm not famous, but I'm really frightened. "Celebrity Surgery"? Has anyone out there seen this? Is it a matter of celebrities undergoing operations? Say, Ben Kingsley getting that buttocks lift? Or are the celebrities performing the procedures?

"Congratulations, Ms Langcaster-James! Your sebaceous cyst is going to be lanced by... Dame Judy Dench!"

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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