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Photos: Cable Next-Gen Technologies 2014

If it's early spring, then it must be timer to head to Denver for our annual Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference.

Thus, a record-breaking crowd flocked to the Mile High city in late March to enjoy the warm Denver sunshine, hear some killer keynote, watch some poignant PowerPoint presentations, talk trash tech talk, and find out the cable industry's latest advances in the broadband and video sectors, of which there are many.

Of course, folks also came to network and schmooze with old friends and colleagues. So, it's safe to say that most attendees, if not all, left with a little bit of a Rocky Mountain high (you have been reading about those Colorado voter initiatives, no?)

So please click the image below to start the photo gallery while I check my bags to see if any of my Denver goodies escaped the attention of nosy US and Canadian customs officials. (Yes, Homeland Security, I'm kidding.)

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You Know You're in Denver....
When you can buy these tasty little tidbits at the airport and feel only a little foolish.
When you can buy these tasty little tidbits at the airport and feel only a little foolish.

— Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading

jabailo 4/13/2014 | 1:04:52 PM
Need it in Seattle Folks here in Seattle (proper) are complaining about not being able get broadband speeds so maybe they need this more than Denver.   Seriously, some are still only offered near dial up speeds.    Not everywhere but in enough places that the Mayor's Office is taking it up as a cause.  While I can get both high speed cable and also optical fiber here in the suburbs, no can do in The City!  Amazing that this is an issue in the year 2014...

DOShea 4/8/2014 | 9:42:09 PM
CenturyLink tower I don't think there are many CenturyLink employees left in that office tower to look down on the cable guys--they had been planning reduce their presence there as a couple years ago. But, there are probably a few ghosts from the Qwest and US West regimes that once called it home.
Mitch Wagner 4/8/2014 | 6:38:13 PM
Re: Nuts "Nuts Trump Burritos" would be a good name for a blog. 
albreznick 4/7/2014 | 5:36:10 PM
Re: Nuts Nuts to the nuts. Gotta go with the burritos.
albreznick 4/7/2014 | 5:34:56 PM
Re: Nuts Hard to say, Mitch. The animals have all been sworn to secrecy. I think they got bought off.
[email protected] 4/7/2014 | 2:22:31 PM
Re: Nuts This has been a landmark day for food-relatewd pics on Light Reading.

My doctor says nuts trump burritos. But the devil on my shoulder...
Mitch Wagner 4/7/2014 | 2:09:06 PM

Are those bear and beaver nuts authentic? The bear, beaver, and elk do look emasculated.

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