Bundles, Cont.

1:00 AM –- A quick update to my Tuesday column, Bundles of Joy: Playing Lowball

In today's mail was a full-page, four-color advert for Charter's phone service (again!). This one was a more general advert, not targeted to its existing Internet customers.

The offer was for unlimited local and long-distance phone service for $29.99 a month. The price bumps up to $39.99 a month after three months.


If you buy a basic digital cable package, Internet access, and the phone service, you get all three for $99 a month.

That price excludes tax. And there were some really interesting bits in the fine print.

Interesting bit #1: Charter reserves the right to determine to which level of service this offer applies.

Translation: Make sure Charter's basic package has more than five black and white channels. It probably does. But check anyway.

Interesting bit #2: Installation is extra. A cable modem, set-top box, and network card may be required at installation at additional cost.

Translation: If you're not careful, you'll front Charter $400 just to get your bills down to $99 a month.

Buyer beware. That's all I'm saying.

One last thing: thanks to the chaps at Broadband Reports for linking to my column. I'll buy you all a steak dinner next time you're in town. Steak, salad, potato, and cooking implements extra. Utensils may be required at dinner at additional cost.

— Phil Harvey, Bun Dull Editor, Light Reading

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