BroadLogic Introduces Wideband Receiver

BroadLogic Network Technologies unveiled a new wideband receiver today that's designed to deliver much higher broadband speeds for cable operators. BroadLogic said the new BL12000 model, compatible with current and forthcoming industry standards, will let cable modems shoot data at speeds of 600 Mbps or more. The company also said the BL12000 will enable a new generation of powerful whole-home digital video recorders (DVRs), capable of recording dozens of video streams simultaneously while playing others live. BroadLogic's first cable customers for the wideband receiver appear to be abroad. Both Sweden's largest cable operator, ComHem, and a South Korea cable consortium, Korea Digital Cable Media Center Co., have embraced the approach. Tony Francesca, president and CEO of BroadLogic, said U.S. MSOs seem to be waiting for CableLabs to complete its new DOCSIS 3.0 specification for wideband before moving ahead.
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