Brits Face-Off for Faceball

1:30 PM -- Londoners have adopted yet another worthless sport and another reason to distract themselves from the daily grind:

    The game - in which competitors attempt to keep their nerve while a colleague hurls a large beachball directly at their face - is taking London's workplaces by storm.

    Pictures of players grimacing with fear as they await the impact of the ball, and frozen in shock after it has rebounded from their nose, are being forwarded to friends via the internet, ensuring the popularity of the game...

    The rules are simple. Players sit opposite each other, 10 feet apart. They are not allowed to flinch or move. Each hit to the face scores a point and gives the thrower another shot

    The game was invented by Dunstan Orchard and John Allspaw, two American employees at photo-sharing website Flickr.

Ah. A classic case of Americans strategically trying to sabotage the Brits! (Payback for Simon Cowell...)

    They told how they first started throwing beachballs at each other when they found a batch of promotional balls left over from an office party.

    "It's actually enjoyable getting hit in the face by your opponent. It's an excellent way to relax."

"So is drinking to excess," says Light Reading's Brit-in Chief, Ray LeMaistre. No word yet on whether Light Reading Europe's content will suffer as a result of the new craze.

— Red Panda, Faceball Furball, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 3:03:16 PM
re: Brits Face-Off for Faceball The great thing about this game is that, even if you work in a one-person office, like my bad self, you can still play this game by flinging the ball at the wall and trying to hit your own fizzog!
Works for me.
As does the drinking, of course....

I can only imagine that an hourly faceball session can only improve the quality of Light Reading Europe's content...
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