Brazen Billboard

1:15 PM -- The Chicago Tribune reports:

    The city of Chicago has taken down a racy billboard that proclaimed "Life is short. Get a divorce."

    The billboard featured photos of a scantily clad woman and a shirtless man and was an ad for Chicago divorce attorney Corri Fetman.

"A scantily clad woman and a shirtless man." So, minus the whole line about divorce, it looked like every other billboard in the world.

The story continues:

    Fetman says her billboard was no threat to people in happy marriages. And she says it was taken down without due process.

    Fetman's law partner, Kelly Garland, added that even people who disliked the billboard should worry about what its removal means for free speech.

Really... Or should we worry that snakes like Garland and Fetman abuse the First Amendment to urge couples to reject their sacred vow for the sake of whooping it up with the scantily clad?

Anyway, life is short, so hurry up and make a mockery of it.

— Red Panda, Light Reading

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