Blowing the Doors off 802.11

Deploying business-class wireless LAN infrastructure is part science and part art and all important for network managers who can't afford to get it wrong.

Getting it right, however, is no trivial task.

To make the job easier, and more fun, Unstrung will host its annual East Coast Live Roadshow on enterprise wireless networking in New York and Boston in mid-October, with free admission for network professionals.

"We're planning to blow the doors off the next generation of easy-to-manage, secure, wireless networking systems with this year's 'Wireless LANs: Business Plans' event," comments Unstrung site editor, Dan Jones. "We've drafted in leading technical experts to explain the value in wireless networks from the enterprise perspective."

For your enjoyment, information, and refreshment, we have two dates available:

  • Day 1 – Tuesday, October 12, at the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Boston
  • Day 2 – Thursday, October 14, at the hip W Union Square Hotel in New York

A core theme of the event is planning phased deployment of enterprise-grade wireless networks.

"We'll take a step-by-step approach, starting with small-scale pilots and departmental networks and then scale up to corporate HQ and enterprise-wide rollouts," says Unstrung analyst, Gabriel Brown.

The events will pack a phenomenal amount of information into a single day. Issues to be addressed include:

  • Bulletproof wireless security using IPSec, SSL, and 802.11i
  • A re-examination of the value of site surveys and RF planning and management software
  • How to select equipment and software capable of supporting high-value applications, such as wireless VOIP, RFID and asset tracking, and IP CCTV
  • Multiservice networks to support multiple types of devices, users, clients, and applications
  • Deploying wireless at multiple locations, including outlying branch offices, yet retaining centralized, low-maintenance control
  • Integrating wireless into remote access and teleworker strategies

What else is great about our event?

"Unlike most other events, you don't need to worry about tedious product pitches," says Jones, "Unstrung keeps vendors on a leash – we're totally focused on the audience, especially that guy at the back with the loud shirt."

And if that's not enough, there's a cocktail reception after each show. "See you at the after-party," says Jones.

— The Staff, Unstrung

To register for Wireless LANs: Business Plans, follow the links below:

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