Bartering for Broadband

Would you sell your soul for a better broadband plan? A new study by Amdocs Ltd. shows consumers are willing to barter personal data for service discounts, higher broadband speeds and priority customer service. The survey found that 57 percent of respondents said they would exchange data on Facebook friends, family members, and locations in return for a better service deal. The Amdocs news is timely for a cable industry that has recently jumped on the big data bandwagon. Vendors of every stripe were hawking their big data wares at last week's Cable Show, all in the name of helping operators streamline costs and increase revenue opportunities. (See Cable Embraces Big Data.) Big data is definitely big business, and the Amdocs survey was released Thursday morning in conjunction with the company's new Big Data Framework. The framework combines Amdocs' existing CES 9 product suite of data analysis technologies with packaged professional services designed to help operators extract more value from customer and network information. The Amdocs research, meanwhile, supports evidence across multiple industries that personal data is a hot commodity for service providers. Facebook is testing a service where consumers can access free Wi-Fi in select locations simply by checking in with their Facebook account. Other findings from the Amdocs survey include:
  • 44 percent of consumers said they would exchange data for cash rewards
  • 38 percent agreed to hand over information as part of a loyalty program (39 percent for coupons or exclusive deals)
  • 36 percent said they would hand over personal data for free — Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable
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