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Bandspeed's Quick Fix

Wireless LAN hopeful Bandspeed Inc. has replaced its CEO with an interim appointee plucked from the ranks of JatoTech Ventures, the main venture capital investor in the startup (see Bandspeed Names Interim CEO).

The move precedes a new round of funding for Bandspeed, although the Austin, Texas-based company is staying mum on the details for the moment. "We'll probably be talking about that with you soon," Blaine Kohl, VP of marketing tells Unstrung.

Walt Thirion is the new, albeit temporary, hand at the tiller. Thirion is a founder and general partner of JatoTech. He has been on the board at Bandspeed since December 2000.

"Walt is extremely enthusiastic about what we're doing here," says Kohl. "He wanted a more hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the company… and we accepted his offer.

Thirion replaces Michael Luther, a Bandspeed founder who remains on the firm's board.

Bandspeed has developed what it calls an "enhanced access point" reference design -- a software and hardware bundle that it intends to sell to vendors that manufacture and sell access points (see Bandspeed's Six-Eyed Gypsy ).

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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