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Radisys Targets DSPs

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- RadiSys (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, today announced an Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) blade that offers telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) a way to achieve a low cost per port approach for next-generation VoIP, media processing and media gateway solutions. With a flexible and powerful architecture that hosts up to 20 multi-core MSC8144 DSPs from Freescale Semiconductor, the Promentum ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module provides system designers with a significant time to market advantage and ensures their ability to handle future requirements.

"RadiSys continues to provide TEMs with solutions that surpass performance requirements of the most demanding designers," said Todd Etchieson, vice president of communications networking product management, RadiSys. "As a pioneer and innovator in open systems platforms and first to market with a 10 Gig ATCA platform, we continually help equipment manufacturers address their ever-changing needs and demands with the most feature rich products available today. The addition of media processing capability to our 10 Gig platform is a significant and compelling milestone for the company and our AdvancedTCA portfolio."

Based on a modular design concept that incorporates mezzanines to host DSP farms, the ATCA-9100 enables a smooth transition from one generation of DSP to another without a complete overhaul of the blade. This reduces development expenses for TEMs and allows them to keep their products competitive for longer periods helping to increase their return on investment. Ten Gigabit Ethernet fabric connectivity and direct Ethernet access to DSPs give the Promentum ATCA-9100 unmatched packet and media processing capabilities. Additionally, the module includes Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) switching and support for easy debugging of DSP code helping to avoid costly project delays that may result from problems that are difficult to debug. The ATCA-9100 provides a complete solution and alleviates TEM application development with the inclusion of onboard carrier grade Linux, switching software; blade management software; and, other APIs. TEMs can either leverage their existing DSP code from prior generations or leverage off-the-shelf DSP software to address their product DSP software needs.

"The need for high performance solutions that address the demands of TEMs developing applications requiring media processing continues to grow and is stronger than ever," said Jeff Timbs, marketing director for Freescale's Networking System Division. "Working with RadiSys, we're breaking new ground with multi-core technology that reaches an outstanding level of performance density for high-capacity infrastructure applications as well as reducing total system cost, board space and power dissipation."

The PromentumT ATCA-9100, with the highest density capability on the market, reduces the hardware footprint in the central office by over 50 percent while attaining the same capacity of media processing over conventional solutions. Additionally, the ATCA-9100 is fully optimized for the RadiSys Promentum SYS-6010, the company's award winning 10-Gigabit ATCA platform. The SYS-6010 is a proven solution that has been adopted for a multitude of customer applications including Radio Network Controllers, Media Gateways, IPTV media routers, Security Gateways and IMS application servers.

Freescale's MSC8144 is the industry's highest performance programmable DSP platform. It takes single-chip DSP integration to a higher level of sophistication. Combining four StarCoreR DSP cores at up to 1GHz each, the device is designed to deliver industry-leading Gigahertz performance, equivalent to a 4GHz single-core DSP. Additionally, it integrates one of the industry's largest embedded memories (at 10.5 MB) in a single package, virtually eliminating the need to attach external memories while maintaining a highly competitive cost and power per channel.

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