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JumpGen Intros Blade

CARLSBAD, Calif. -- JumpGen Systems today announced the PRA-200, an AdvancedTCA (ATCA) node blade supporting Intel® Xeon® processors coupled with the power-optimized Intel® 5100 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) chipset operating with up to 1333MHz Front Side Bus. The PRA-200 features dual 10Gbps fabric interfaces and may be deployed with 1 or 2 quad-core processors to host high-bandwidth embedded communication applications. The PRA-200 design may be configured with an AdvancedMC™, PMC, or SATA HD expanding customer deployment options. The PRA-200 is one of several JumpGen products that support 10Gbps fabric addressing growing market requirements for IP networks.

“The PRA-100 is our first ATCA board and we see a growing demand for Intel processor solutions in standards based and proprietary form factors. Secure IP communications and multi-gigabit packet processing in communications, military, and commercial markets are demanding more and more processing power.” said Harry White, JumpGen Systems President. “The PRA-100 offers the latest Intel processor technology combined with their power efficient MCH and I/O Controller Hub to offer a high performance ATCA CPU blade that will work within the traditional ATCA power limit of 200 watts.”

JumpGen Systems LLC

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