Altera Hypes POS-PHY Support

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Altera Corporation (Nasdaq:ALTR), a leading programmable logic device (PLD) supplier, today announced support for POS-PHY Level 4 in its new APEX(TM) II device family. The symmetric POS-PHY Level 4 interface handles leading-edge OC-192 (10 Gbps) data rates for next-generation Packet-over-SONET (POS) internet traffic, Ethernet, as well as ATM applications.

POS-PHY Level 4 was developed by the SATURN(R) Development Group and defines an industry-wide standard for 10 Gbps multi-service system interfaces. This standard was adopted by the Optical Internetworking Forum as SPI-4 Phase 2 (System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase II). POS-PHY Level- 4 has also been submitted to the ATM Forum as Frame Based Interface Level 4, and is pending final approval.

"From definition to implementation, Altera has worked closely with PMC-Sierra to ensure support for POS-PHY Level 4," said Bill Richardson, director of business partnerships at PMC-Sierra. "Altera is a natural partner to interface with our 10 Gbps devices through POS-PHY Level 4, as well as an ideal platform for creative bridging applications, for instance from POS-PHY Level 4 to POS-PHY Level 3."

Altera Corp.
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