Albert in the Sky

1:00 PM -- Someone very close to this monkey's heart has passed away, the Associated Press reports:

    Albert Hofmann, the father of the mind-altering drug LSD whose medical discovery inspired -- and arguably corrupted -- millions in the 1960s hippie generation, has died. He was 102.

Proof that drugs will kill you.

    He became the first human guinea pig of the drug when a tiny amount of the substance seeped onto his finger during a repeat of the laboratory experiment on April 16, 1943.

    "Everything I saw was distorted as in a warped mirror," he said, describing his bicycle ride home. "I had the impression I was rooted to the spot. But my assistant told me we were actually going very fast."

May he rest in warped, dizzy, colorful peace.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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