After the Ball Is Over

1:30 PM -- Ten years after the end of the civil war in Yugoslavia, life is back to normal in Serbia, according to NEWS.com.au:

    An Australian hoaxer left organisers of the world testicle-cooking championship hanging after claiming he was Australia's leading kangaroo testicle cook.

    A man calling himself Nigel Bevan failed to turn up for the event after contacting organisers to boast of his credentials and order a supply of kangaroo testicles for the competition...

    "We get cooks from all over Europe who come here to northern Serbia to take on Serbian chefs, but we have never had a cook from as far away as Australia, so when we heard that Nigel Bevan, Australia's top testicle chef, was on his way with a team of Australian chefs we were really excited," championship organiser Ljubomir Erovic said.

    "The caller told us cooked kangaroo testicles were a popular delicacy in Australia, and gave us the details of where we could get kangaroo testicles from so we could have them ready when Mr Bevan and his team arrived.

    "We were disappointed when no Australians arrived, we even had a band ready to welcome them...

    "We would like to compare the testicles of a kangaroo to those of wild boars and bulls..."
Hold onto the dream, Ljubomir!

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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