Adaptix Maxes on BWA

Seattle-based Adaptix Inc. has become the latest addition to the gaggle of startups targeting the nascent WiMax space, emerging from stealth mode with an eye on the future 802.16e mobile standard (see Adaptix Opens Up).

Formed from the ashes of defunct broadband wireless access vendor Broadstorm Telecommunications, the company has raised “more than $10 million” in funding from private equity firm Baker Capital Corp.

“We wanted to get off the traditional series A, B, and C rounds of funding and made a decision to seek private equity financing,” CEO Vern Fotheringham tells Unstrung. “We are essentially owned by Baker Capital.”

Fotheringham says the startup has already secured its first customer win with Australian service provider Phonevision Australia Pty Ltd., and that a previous trial with “a large ISP in China” will become a commercial deal “in the next few months.”

The CEO claims Adaptix's FastSwitching-OFDMA technology gives it an edge over rival startups such as Aperto Networks, Navini Networks Inc., and Redline Communications Inc.

“The system is software driven, and, to my knowledge, we have the first software-defined radio system that’s been implemented. The base station is a software-defined platform incorporating all of the RF and MAC layers... Another differentiator is the fact it is a pure IP system designed to be fully mobile, with cell-to-cell handoff.”

Fotheringham states that the company has a keen focus on the mobile 802.16e standard, touted for ratification in the third quarter of 2005. “Our systems are able to adapt to forthcoming protocols like 802.16e through software upgrades. We are agnostic to future standards.”

Based on the technical specifications developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) wireless MAN 802.16 Task Group, WiMax aims to deliver last-mile broadband connectivity in a larger geographic area than wireless LAN hotspots. Click on the following link to view a recent Webinar on the emerging technology: WiMAX Metropolitan Area Wireless Networking Technology.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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