A Cold Case

4:00 AM -- Paranoia and software make for odd bedfellows.

From the legal file, a just-closed case involving allegations of racism at Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) makes for some riveting reading.

For the record, the court found in Juniper's favor and decided that the company had business reasons for firing the gentleman that sued the company. But the court's opinion, released Monday, points to lots of uneasiness among the rank and file there. Some clips from the file:

Just after her termination, Treadwell had several conversations with the Human Resources Department about whether age or gender discrimination or possibly reverse race discrimination played a part in the decision to terminate her. However… Treadwell decided to accept severance and determined not to pursue a lawsuit or any administrative charge against Juniper.

And another bit…

Plaintiff does not dispute the evidence introduced documenting his repeated performance issues and resultant disciplinary procedures. He contends, however, that he had formerly received better reviews and was placed in disciplinary proceedings and ultimately terminated in order to assuage the alleged perception by Caucasian employees at Juniper that only Caucasian employees were subjected to discipline.

My question: how big is race a factor at your workplace? And with the telecom industry's outsourcing, expansion, and boundary-defying technologies, do you think it will get better over time or worse?

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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