802.11 Users Fear for Future

The majority of wireless LAN deployments in vertical markets may not be up to the task of securing future network attacks, according to the findings of Unstrung’s latest Webinar: "Securing Wireless Applications in Vertical Markets."

Despite a glut of vendor security product offerings and initiatives such as 802.11i and WPA2, only 13 percent of respondents to Unstrung’s Webinar poll claimed their current security measures “are enough for today and tomorrow.” (See WPA2 Secures Support and 802.11 Security Issues Sorted?.)

In contrast, a majority of voters (58 percent) state their network is secure today but measures must be taken “to address future deployments.” Nearly a third (29 percent) are close to hitting the panic button, declaring: “I’m seriously concerned. I need help NOW!”

The Webinar presentation cited a number of specific security directives governing wireless network use in different vertical markets. Deployment of wireless technology in the healthcare market, for example, is subject to HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act of 1996) regulations, while government markets have to adhere to the FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) directive (see WLAN Warning For Hospitals).

Two thirds of respondents (68 percent) claimed that such directives are “a good start, but there’s much work to be done,” while a quarter felt “they play a critical role.” A disparaging 7 percent of voters signed off on: “They are of little help and just create market confusion.”

More than 350 registrants signed up for the Webinar, sponsored by AirTight Networks Inc., Bluesocket Inc., and Newbury Networks. Download the full event here.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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