2003 Top Ten Top Tens

It is with great pleasure that we present Light Reading's Top Ten List of our Top Ten Lists from 2003. Well, OK, call it the Only Ten List if you're a stickler...

While you're sitting at your desk trying to digest all the holiday food and perhaps nursing a New Year's hangover, we thought it would be convenient to provide all the lists in one place -- in one handy, integrated solution, if you will.

Now, compared with the soaring 1999 and the violent crashing of 2001, 2003 was relatively serene in the telecom world (which is not a bad thing). Nevertheless, each year we try to muster as much editorial flair as we can in drawing up lists of the best stories, all the while avoiding the long, sinewy arm of our great nation's libel laws.

Enjoy! And don't work too hard...

  • Words of Wisdom
    Amusing, annoying, uplifting... Light Reading's top picks from our Quote of the Week feature

  • Services Stories
    The world may be cuckoo for VOIP, but there's more to the services sector than a dodgy voice line

  • Monkey Business
    They grunt! They growl! The rattle the bars on their cages!

  • Holiday Songs
    What tunes are on the playlists at telecom Xmas parties this year? We listened in, and, er, made up some stuff

  • Photos
    Our favorite snapshots of 2003: some you've seen before and some you wish you hadn't

  • Technology Trends
    Technology is hot again. Is the future upon us?

  • Startup Flameouts
    Here's our list of the most spectacular and prominent venture-capital money-burning machines of 2003

  • Explosions & Implosions
    We have some good news, and some bad news...

  • Heavy Findings
    Heavy Reading lists its most notable research findings

  • Turnarounds
    They plunged, they bounced, but best of all... they survived
— The Staff, Light Reading

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