Save the Rats

1:00 PM -- I've notified my Near and Dear that this year I'll be making holiday donations to charity in lieu of gifting them with the usual Christmas bananas. (And I may actually do it.) So I've been rooting around on the useful Intelligent Giving Website for suitable donees.

At first, I was solid for the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys, as it addresses two of my pet (no pun intended) peeves -- but, sadly, they seem to be advocates of both. (Tell it to Pinocchio, Elisabeth.)

Then, happily, I found this jewel: cavyrescue, its tag-line: "recycle-a-rodent."

This U.K. Registered Charity (#1111583) is dedicated to the health and well-being of "small furries," from gerbil to chinchilla to the eponymous cavy, which seems to be something like a guinea pig. But its chief concern is the beleaguered, misunderstood rat. The site is chockablock with heart-rending appeals, helpful advice, and commonsense wisdom:

    Two rat boys seek loving home.

    Pearl came to Maureen’s house as a shabby, parasite infested, emotionally traumatized 3 legged black rat and burst into our hearts.

    It can cause some friction when you have rat and snake lovers on the same property.

    Medications for an average rat with respiratory disease will cost around £330 every year.
If rats don't do it for you, the site also reaches out to lovers of feathered vermin:
    Brighton Animal Action have been given permission to rescue 13,500 chickens who have come to the end of their productive life and will be slaughtered if they can't be rehomed.
Sure, I'll take a couple. They make wonderful Christmas gifts. Stuffed.

It should be noted that Orkin Rat Control was listed yesterday as an advertiser on the site but seems to be gone now.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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