Praying for 3G Revenues

Antenna-sharing system specialist Quintel S4 Ltd. has come to Unstrung's attention with what could be a unique claim in the wireless world: "We understand churches." Um… you what?

It seems Quintel has been "selected" by the Archbishops' Council of the Church of England as the "sole approved organization for the installation of wireless telecommunications aerials in churches." And so proud is the company of this fact, it has built a Website in honor of the deal. One function of the site is to tease English clergymen into boosting their funds (no doubt needed to rebuild the steeple that will house the antennas in the first place). "These churches are suitable for telecoms installations," booms the home page text, as images of the Lord's house fade in and out of view. "Is yours?" Time for another bake sale, Enid!

And this company really does know the church scene. "The Church of England has a strict legal process for granting permission to change the fabric of a church building, and this applies to telecommunications installations." Heavens to Betsy!!

With 16,000 of these buildings in England this is a lucrative niche that Quintel has seized upon, especially as the 3G license holders are gagging for sites to add to their rollout maps.

And denomination means nothing to these guys. "If you wish to make an enquiry about a church building not in the Church of England, please contact us. We are in touch with other church bodies [ewww!] and may be able to help you."

So if you're ever in the U.K., don't be surprised if you see a mast on a mosque -- cleverly disguised, of course.

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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