Poll Identifies What's Hot

... and what's not.

Some interesting insights into optical networking trends are coming out of this month's Light Reading research poll.

The poll asks respondents to name industry segments and product categories that they would focus on, were they investing in optical networking startups. More than 100 people have already taken the on-line survey. Here’s a quick summary of how things are shaping up at the moment:

Components rank as the most attractive market for investing. The segment is named as hot by 43 percent of respondents. Systems come next with 39 percent, followed by services at 34 percent and software at 27 percent. (For you arithmetic mavens in the audience: The scores do, indeed, total more than 100 percent, because respondents can check more than one category.)

Within the components sector, optical switches get the highest score, or 37 percent. Next come transmitters/receivers with 33 percent, followed by lasers at 32 percent. Amplifiers and dispersion compensators tie for fourth place, each with a score of 31 percent. All in all, a pretty even split.

In the systems market, metro DWDM gear gets the most votes, 43 percent, followed by access network equipment at 39 percent. These are way out ahead of all other product categories, which include optical switches and multiservice edge switches (27 percent each), edge routers (26 percent), and next-generation Sonet/SDH and service-layer switches (25 percent each).

Among services, scaleable Ethernet connections, like those offered by Cogent Communications Inc., Telseon Inc., and Yipes Communications Inc., come out on top at 43 percent. Application services are not far behind, at 39 percent.

Finally, in the software market, service provisioning is reckoned to be by far the most promising product category, garnering 57 percent of the vote. The least popular, signaling (things like Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)), gets a score of 24 percent.

Florida returns are not in yet.

To take the poll yourself, and see the detailed up-to-the-minute results, please click here.

The results of this survey will be discussed in more depth by a panel of executives from venture capital companies at Lightspeed Europe, Light Reading’s annual conference, on December 4-6, 2001, in London. For details, see: What's Hot in Optical Networking

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading
nevermind 12/4/2012 | 7:36:14 PM
re: Poll Identifies What's Hot The hot component is optical switches, but the hot system is DWDM which does not use optical switches. The least atractive systems are the ones that do use optical switches. I guess people are picking optical switches as hot components because they sound cool
flanker 12/4/2012 | 7:36:08 PM
re: Poll Identifies What's Hot 1) Dude, what is this hang up you have with MPLS?

2) I would deep six the survey results and look innovations happening at Layer 3, like Netscreen and other Cisco competition. If I am not mistaken, more money will be spent on Layer 3 enterprise and access next year than core equipment.
jbebop 12/4/2012 | 7:36:01 PM
re: Poll Identifies What's Hot

I find it remarkable that you can pawn off your highly unscientific poll as an indicator of what's hot.

Having been a respondant of your poll, I was amazed at how broad the catogories were. Essentially, what I do know (not claiming much here) is that the lines are blurring between the different aspects of the market. Everyone I know in the industry is trying to grab things from the next level up to add value to their product. These new products, when and if they are ever released or sold, won't fit into the categories of the LR survey.

Basically LR needs to do their homework a little better.

This article represents shoddy journalism based on sketchy results of a poll that is bordering on being technically irrelevant.
garibaldi 12/4/2012 | 7:35:58 PM
re: Poll Identifies What's Hot it could definitely be useful to have a small optical switch for dwdm in metro systems - just make sure it's 10Gbit transparant
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