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Docker Co-Founder Hykes Takes a Hike

Solomon Hykes, who co-founded container management pioneer Docker ten years ago, is stepping down to make room for an enterprise-focused CTO.

"A founder's departure is usually seen as a dramatic event. Sadly, I must report that reality is far less exciting in this case," Hykes said in a post announcing the change on Wednesday. "I've had many roles at Docker over the years, and today I have a new, final one -- as an active board member, a major shareholder and, I expect, a high maintenance Docker user. But I will no longer be part of day-to-day operations."

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CEO Steve Singh joined as CEO a year ago, replacing Ben Golub. (See Docker Replaces Golub With SAP Vet as CEO.)

Docker pioneered container management, but its technology has been largely superseded by Kubernetes. Docker endorsed Kubernetes in October. (See Docker Climbs on the Kubernetes Train.)

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kq4ym 4/10/2018 | 6:45:42 AM
Re: Vote It does seem that there's some interesting stuff going on as leadership changes and as noted the changing market may be leading their customers in a different direction while they try to make their business plan adaptable to the technical changes and competition.
Joe Stanganelli 4/2/2018 | 1:29:20 PM
Re: Vote @michelle: Considering the ephemeral nature of many containers and VMs, the migration issues should be relatively manageable depending upon what else, platform-wise, you're changing or migrating from/to.
Michelle 3/31/2018 | 10:39:20 PM
Re: Vote What will this mean for Docker? I can imagine there are plenty of applications that still rely on the technology. I haven't looked to see how easy it is to move from Docker to...Kubernetes.
Joe Stanganelli 3/31/2018 | 10:09:35 PM
Re: Vote I think all of this indicates that it's pretty clear that Docker's board wants to go in a new direction beyond Containers-Containers-Containers! -- and that they don't believe Hykes is the CEO who can take them there.

The endorsement of Kubernetes? Near compulsory at this point. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Michelle 3/31/2018 | 8:20:06 PM
Vote "Docker endorsed Kubernetes in October."

Is there an election coming up or something?

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