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Sarah Thomas 2/17/2017 | 11:12:44 AM
Dream mentor? Another good poll would be: Who is your dream mentor?

Some ideas:

-- Sheryl Sandberg

-- Oprah

-- Beyonce

-- Ellen

-- Susan Wojcicki

-- Ruth Bader Ginsberg

-- Others??
Sarah Thomas 2/17/2017 | 9:31:22 AM
Re: Where are the non-linear mentors hiding? It's not easy to naturally form a mentoring relationship when you work from home, which is why I included the option with a relationship that is entirely virtual. Mentoring doesn't have to involve weekly meetings over coffee, but rather a relationship in which you can go back to one person consistently for advice, perspective and feedback. Even that is often easier to talk about then actually find and maintain. I don't have the answers here, which is why we made this the topic for our next WiC breakfast! I'm eager to hear what the panelists have to say.
ErynLeavens 2/16/2017 | 3:29:40 PM
Where are the non-linear mentors hiding? It seems like there are many formal mentorship programs at corporate companies, but I have no idea where to find mentors when you aren't part of that system, or when you work from home! Also when you aren't on a direct career path. I see why mentoring works in those very linear situations but I'm not really sure how it works outside of that.
Sarah Thomas 2/16/2017 | 2:16:50 PM
Come talk mentoring in Denver We'll be talking a lot more about this very subject on March 22 in Denver at our first WIC networking breakfast event of the year. I hope you all will join us and bring your questions for our impressive panel line-up! 

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