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1:15 PM -- Today's BBC Website answers the question that's been on the minds of millions around the world: Where do the British get their fabulous, dazzling smiles? A survey undertaken by the British Dental Health Foundation found that:

    Over 60% of people are risking their oral health by using whatever is closest to hand to remove food from between their teeth, a survey found.

    Among the items that people admitted to using were screwdrivers, scissors, earrings, needles and knives.

    The survey also found 23% of people choose to leave food stuck between their teeth - increasing the risk of gum disease and bad breath...

    Other implements people admitted using to get rid of trapped food included keys, paper clips, matchsticks, earrings, nail files, pencils, cards and forks.

    The survey marks the start of National Smile Month.
Pshaw! A crowbar was good enough for my Gaffer and it's good enough for me!

— Red Panda, DDS, Light Reading

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