A Doughy Dilemma

11:45 AM -- Just got a note from Mitch, a concerned employee of Leidenheimer Bakery, a company still missing 51 employees since Hurricane Katrina. One of the employees, Leo Tate, was mentioned in this space last week as The Philter reported on a local double wedding that involved New Orleans refugees. Here's the note:

Phil, I work for a bakery in New Orleans that employs Leo Tate... We are desperately trying to contact our employees to send them some money but have only tracked down 9 out of 60. Leo may also have talked to some other evacuees... The bakery I work for is Leidenheimer Bakery and we have posted on the Red Cross site as Leidenheimer bakery employees but have not gotten any response. We have also set up a new email address for employees to contact: [email protected].

BTW, if you have eaten at Jason's Deli, you have had our bread. Any help would be appreciated.

Mitch, thanks for the note. I hope you find your co-workers.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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