Wireless Personality Test

It seems like every man and his dog is talking about wireless LAN these days.

At dinner parties and over the garden fence, friends and neighbors can be heard discussing the merits of 802.11a and 802.11g. Among the chattering classes, the security flaws in WEP have become the favorite topic of conversation after property prices and school fees. And don’t be surprised if next time you visit your dermatologist he asks if you think the cost of backhaul makes it hard to create a clear business case for hotspots.

But by far the biggest and most important issue or our time is whether or not wireless LAN really is a 3G killer?

To help you make up your mind on what your position should be -- and save you from the embarrassment of not having an opinion the next time this comes up at your local AA meeting -- Unstrung has devised a unique wireless personality test designed specifically to give us a laugh.

Advance warning: If you’re especially busy today, have had a humor bypass operation, or are in anyway sensitive to salacious innuendo and/or jingoistic stereotyping please get on with something else instead.

Conditions of entry: No dummies, no thickos, no boring old farts, and definitely no Frenchies or Texans under any circumstances whatsoever.

To take the test, follow the link to our regular Wireless Poll section.

— The staff, Unstrung

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