Why, Max?

2:00 AM -- I can't sleep. Too excited about the new Heavy Reading report on WiMax, which hits the streets in a few hours.

Here's a snippet from the findings section:

There are several reasons to believe that WiMax will develop into a major market over the next few years. First, its backers have learned from the mistakes of MMDS and 802.11, and they've taken important steps toward avoiding problems such as interoperability and business-case-annihilating overhead. Second, WiMax promises a better-performing, less-expensive alternative to many – but not all – technologies that already serve its target applications. Finally, although competition will be fierce on the equipment side, it will quickly drive down costs for users and service providers, in turn improving the chances that WiMax will be much more than a niche play.

— Phil Harvey, Insomniac News Thief, Light Reading

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