Vyyo Pushes Bandwidth Expansion

Forget about all-digital conversions, 1 GHz upgrades, switched digital video, MPEG-4, node-splitting and the like. If Vyyo Inc. has its way, cable operators will instead use its spectrum overlay technology to expand their bandwidth capacity. In a conference call for industry analysts hosted by Goldman Sachs earlier today, Vyyo executives promoted their Xtend system as the ultimate answer to MSOs' bandwidth prayers. They argued that their solution promises the best way to expand HFC network capacity without running up huge bills or shortchanging future needs. They estimated that their technology would produce at least 110 more downstream channels and about 300 MHz more upstream capacity, much more than any of the competing options, for about $125 per home passed, or about 10% of the cost of the Baby Bells' current fiber upgrades. Questioned by analysts about why they haven't had any public takers yet, Vyyo officials said most MSOs are still coming to grips with the idea that they will have to boost their bandwidth much further. But they contended that cable operators are now seriously exploring their options. "I think they're sitting back and trying to look at the tools available to them," said Al Johnson vice president of technology and advanced architectures for Vyyo. "I think you'll see a groundswell of opportunities start migrating up."
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