Users vs Pros

5:00 PM -- Today's news from Contentinople is hot, hot, hot:

  • Branded quality content may have user-generated content champs YouTube and Joost on the run in what is becoming a "Quality Revolution," Scott Raynovich reports. Expect more on this revolution at Contentinople's first live event, Content Delivery Economics, starting at 9:15 a.m. sharp tomorrow morning.

  • Revision3, launched by Digg founders Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson, has signed deals with the likes of Hulu, YouTube, and TiVo to distribute its content. Dig it!

  • The battle between channels backed by original series and networks banking on big Hollywood movies ignites with the launch of Viacom's new channel. Soon every TV channel will be like the back of your chair on a JetBlue flight.

  • Let's get ready to ruuummmmble! Contentinople Insider, our new research service, unveils its first report: "Content Delivery Networks: Economic Challenges Ahead," in which analyst Martin Courtney reports on the next marketquake to hit CDN providers.

Also, check out today's News Bits for the latest on Google Video's YouTube-esque redesign and MySpace's partnership with Playlist.com.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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