Tuberous Slurpee

5:00 PM -- They say one of the joys of traveling is meeting new cultures and tasting different cusines. Well, sometimes they just be plain wrong.

I didn't even have to travel too far to come across a bowel-quaking new idea in food technology, just to San Francisco in fact. For, at the opening night reception for the CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2005 show, I found it.

Most people didn't realize exactly what it was at first. "Where did you get the ice cream?" I'd hear folks ask, and then quickly turn away, often pulling a face.

For, you see, gentle reader, even though assorted press and marketing people were standing round holding sundaes, this was no ordinary ice cream, but a bold new creation, bursting with earthy flavors the like of which you've never experienced before.

It was -- the potato cocktail!

Yep, they were serving out creamy mashed potato in sundae glasses, which could be topped off with heapings of wasabi, ginger, or other -- equally bewildering -- choices.

The dish was definitely breaking new grounds in flavor, but I'm not sure if they are grounds you'd actually want to grow anything more on... if you know what I mean.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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