Trends for 2012: Regulation & Policy

The team at Pyramid Research , part of the Light Reading Communications Network, has looked ahead to 2012 to identify the key trends they expect to see in the coming year. Follow the "Trends for 2012" series of articles to build up a picture of what's coming down the pipe in the next 12 months.

Regulators and policy makers will invest in the digital world
Regulators and policy makers around the world are developing programs to push broadband adoption and establish incentive mechanisms to increase investment in broadband infrastructure. From the FCC in the U.S. to the Uganda Communications Commission, increased broadband access and adoption are key goals for the sector and the development of the countries in general. Governments are making unprecedented financial commitments to the sector and mobilizing private capital along the way.

Spectrum reform will make the digital dividend a reality
The increasing demand for spectrum and capacity has pressured regulators to act swiftly. Discussions around the digital dividend have gone from possibilities to real opportunities. Regulators recognize that by opening up certain spectrum to new and advanced technologies, their countries will benefit from expanded coverage and lower access prices.

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