Thumb Driving

5:30 PM -- From The Philter's Monday pitch pile, a nod to charity and getting rid of useless technology:

Hi Phil,
Here's one with a technology and philanthropy angle. It's from Inveneo a tiny company on Market Street in San Francisco that makes solar-power PCs (only need 15 watts of power) for rural communities in Africa.

The "Thumb Drive Drive" is a fun program by Inveneo to get people to donate unwanted thumb drives that Inveneo will, in turn, use in its Africa school deployments. Inveneo will reconfigure the thumb drives so teachers and students can take their work from village to village.

Here's a link to the Worldchanging blog.

Inveneo has been bringing solar-powered computers to Africa for two years now and has "wired" hundreds of eager school kids.

Peter Brooks

Isn't this just the kind of thing that would spawn a cheesy "Solar Powered PCs Come to Dark Continent" headline?

— Phil Harvey, Thumbs Editor, Light Reading

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