This Is a Stretch

NOON -- Can a "tall" Website make you a million?

From The Philter's Marketing Madness file, a press release that documents one couple's idea for fame and fortune:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A you interested in creating a message for the world to see? A new Website, http://www.tallesthomepageoninternet.com, may be the answer. So, what exactly does the "tallest" home page mean? It means just what it says. It is the first Website on the Internet which has a homepage that is taller than ordinary height. When printed out, it is over 250 pages long or more than 240,000 pixels tall.

"The homepage is ideal for small business owners with Websites who have limited budgets for advertising, but require lengthy exposure," Mohd Zamhoudi, co-creator of the Website, explained. "It is also perfect for couples to post love messages; announcements from online communities; and the general news and information-surfing public."

There are 5,714 text boxes for sale. Some have already been sold or reserved. Each text box can fit a maximum of 100 characters, including space characters -- promoting readability. Millions will see this homepage and it will be online for at least 10 years. Each textbox is $127, or $1.27 per character. There are no recurring fees or hidden costs.

"We hope to raise enough money to pay for our student loans and credit cards," Mohd and Norshiima, Mohd's wife, explained. "We're planning to start a small business and to hopefully become millionaires in the process. A career in entrepreneurship may be our next goal!"

And who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? If I were Mr. Zamhoudi's student loan officer, I'd be very worried right now.

— Phil Harvey, World's Tallest Editor, Light Reading

Scott Raynovich 12/5/2012 | 3:57:50 AM
re: This Is a Stretch what a silly gimmick... and from what I see they have sold one ad. So maybe they should rename this the "Tallest and Emptiest" Web site.
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