They're Coming!

3:15 PM -- First Bodega Bay and now Chicago: Angry birds have descended upon the Windy City, the BBC reports.

    Cyclists and pedestrians complain of being pecked after being chased for up to 100m (109 yards) by the creatures.

So now the innovative Chicagoans have been coming up with some valuable tips to deter the birds, such as:

    Chicago ornithologist Douglas Stotz... said angry blackbirds could be deterred by a direct stare...

Uh, I think Rod Taylor tried that.

    "Spread your arms and advance on him," one e-mail advisory suggested. "His pattern recognition will kick in making you look like a dangerous predator, such as a hawk."

    Another correspondent suggested cyclists should install baskets on their bikes with a cat inside. "Or better yet, wear an oversized helmet with a trap-door with a stealth cat inside."

Practical, stylish, and Kitty will love it!.

— Red Panda, Light Reading

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